• Over the Mountains

    Posted by Chad Wilmoth on 2/8/2017

    Students Learn about Buoyancy

    Saturday morning on February 4, 2017 student freaks out.


    The eye dropper almost inexplicably sinks to the bottom of the 2-liter bottle when the bottle is squeezed.  However, these students know better.  They are applying their understanding of gravitational and buoyant forces to explain what is happening here.  At the end of the day, these concepts were used to design and build a prototype to get wildlife observers into a remote area without making sounds and traveling very slowly.


    Student determines mass

    Student determines the mass of the payload for their build.


    The solution could only raise about 3.7 grams of mass.  The teams then converted the grams to Newtons to find the force they needed to overcome with their  solution.  All teams used helium filled balloons because they were slow moving and would not make any sound when landing or traveling to the wildlife area with the passengers.



     Students build a slow moving and quiet solution for the challenge at hand.


    At the end of the day, the students could apply and explain  their understanding of the relationship between buoyant and gravitational forces. Saturday was a fun day of learning, teamwork, and success.  Looking forward to our next challenge.


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  • Delivering the Goods

    Posted by Chad Wilmoth on 2/7/2017

    Students works on Sail Car

    A Solution Forge team works on building a vehicle to deliver supplies to people.

    Students met on Saturday, January 28, 2017 to help create a solution to get food and supplies across a frozen lake to people in need.  Student's solutions were required not to use gasoline due to increases in price in the area.  They instead needed to use the abundance of wind energy in the area to get the job done.  Teams learned about forces created using crosswinds and then designed and built a solution to the problem.


    Students Research

    Students Research to find ways that others have tried to solve the problem.

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