• 2018 TCEA Area 1 Robotics Competition

    Posted by Chad Wilmoth on 2/1/2018


    2017-2018 TCEA Area One Robotics Competition Results

    The results of the 2017-2018 TCEA Area One Robotics Competition are in.  This year a total of 169 teams made up of 4-8 graders competed to find out who was able to design and program a robot to master the Mars surface.  Three RHI robotics teams went to Edinburg and competed against teams of 4th through 8th graders and the results were very good for Rio Hondo's 5th grade teams.

    Our team named RHI Robotobor placed 57th (within the top 50%) out of all the elementary and junior high teams.  Team RHI Roboautoma placed 17th (within the top 11%).  Our highest ranking team, RHI Roboloboti placed 7th (within the top 5%) out of all elementary and junior high teams.

    The top 3 places were awarded for junior high and the top 3 for elementary.  In the elementary rankings, team Roboloboti was 2nd while Roboautoma just missed 3rd place by 7 points out of 400 total points.

    Teams at competition

    Our teams in the holding area before the competition rounds began.  Teams continued to work on building and programming their robots to get the maximum number of points from each round.

    Teams working

    Teams testing and tweaking their robot programming before the competition.

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  • TCEA Robotics Competition Preparation

    Posted by Chad Wilmoth on 12/13/2017

    Robot Team Working

    Students are currently working on preparing their robot builds and programming for the 14th annual Regional TCEA Robotics Competition.  This year's theme is "Mastering Mars".  Robots must bring uncontaminated soil, water vapor, and liquid water back to the base station so that humans may survive on the Mars surface.  There is also an alien life form that can be deployed in the opposing teams ALF area for more points.  And what Mars base station would be complete without a satellite tower to allow them to communicate with other humans.  This year's course is one of the most challenging yet.  Our roboticists are a little nervous but excited to show everyone their hard work.

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  • Roboticists Compete

    Posted by Chad Wilmoth on 2/7/2017

    RHIRA team competes at the TCEA Arena Robotics Competition

    Rio Hondo Intermediate's robotics teams competed for the first time on Saturday, January 21, 2017 in San Juan.  Teams worked hard to get prepared for the massively competitive 207 teams they would be facing.

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