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The Bobcat


The Bobcat

WEEK OF APRIL 22, 2019

vision: academic excellence and success

From Mr. R's Desk

from mr. r's desk

Bobcat Nation,

This Thursday marks the 2019 NFL Draft live from Nashville, Tennessee. Here are some facts about the NFL and the Draft.

  • There are 1,023,712 HS football players.
  • 61,000 will play at the Collegiate level (6%)
  • 6,000 will be scouted by the NFL (.06%)
  • 1,023,412 will NOT play in the NFL (99.7%)
  • 300 will make an NFL roster (.03%)
  • Average NFL career is about 6 years (for players who make a club's opening day roster in their rookie season).
  • Average NFL career is about 3.3 years.



If making the NFL is your dream... GO FOR IT! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just remember this...

  • It will not be easy. If it was easy, everyone would make it. You will have to sacrifice many things throughout your journey. Nothing will be given to you.
  • You will have to work at it every day. You cannot take a day off. If you're a running back and you're not running the 40-yard dash in 4.59 or if you're a tackle and not bench pressing 225 lbs. 25 times, you will be part of the 99.7%.
  • You will need to have better than average grades and a high SAT score to go play at the collegiate level. In addition, universities want to see that you are taking AP courses and/or Dual Enrollment.

Please take this message as an eye-opener. Whether you want to make the NFL, FBI, or become an attorney, I challenge you to INVESTIGATE. What will it take for your dreams to become a reality? Once you figure that out... WORK AT IT! Every morning you should wake up thinking of those dreams. If you're thinking of missing workouts, cutting class, partying, not being a role model... then no one will have to tell you that you will not make the NFL... but your actions will.

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Reflective questions of the week... if there was a Teacher Draft similar to the NFL Draft...

reflective questions of the week... if there was a teacher draft similar to the nfl draft...

  1. Would you be invited to attend the Draft [in other words, are you a First Round caliber teacher]?
  2. Would you be a 1st Round pick, a 7th Round pick, or not drafted at all?
  3. If you were starting your own school, would you draft yourself? Why or why not?
Tweet of the Week ~via Brian Aspinall @mraspinall

tweet of the week ~via brian aspinall @mraspinall

All the technology in the world won’t make our classrooms “21st century ready.” Redefining our roles as educators will!

move your bus | ron clark

Are you a runner? Are you a jogger? Are you a walker? Are you a rider?

journalism students conducting their first interviews. they'll use that info to write a short story about their partners' memorable moment.

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biology students repurposing their desks to serve as a note taking agent for comparing and contrasting primary and secondary succession.


rhhs envirothon team at 2019 texas envirothon competition @ stephen f. austin university


bobcats visit utsa. looking forward to seeing some of our rhhs bobcats become roadrunners in the future!


congratulations to mr. mariscal and the symphonic band for their sweepstakes at uil.

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best of luck to our lady cats who will compete at the track regionals in kingsville.

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lady cats earn their 6th straight district championship.

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easter holiday

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upcoming events

Monday, April 22

Easter Holiday - No School

Tuesday, April 23

Baseball vs Progreso AWAY



Wednesday, April 24


HS Graduation Prep Meeting

Lady Cats Softball Game 1 vs. Orange Grove AWAY

Thursday, April 25

Top 10% Verification

NHS Induction Ceremony

Lady Cats Softball Game 2 vs. Orange Grove HOME

Friday, April 26

Track Regionals in Kingsville


Baseball vs La Feria HOME

Saturday, April 27

Saturday Academy

Lady Cats Softball Game 3 vs. Orange Grove TBD


Rio Hondo High School

rio hondo high school

Our MISSION is to create experiences and opportunities for our students. We have established a culture of high academics and a future-ready curriculum. At Rio Hondo High School, we focus on the arts, athletics, and on educating the whole child.