• Rio Hondo Independent School District Response to Remote and Hybrid Learning

    In preparation for the 2020-2021 Academic Year, Rio Hondo Independent School District has established a Hybrid Learning Committee comprised of key stakeholders from the three campuses and technology department. Using data from surveys, demographics, and hybrid learning best practices, a plan has been developed to serve as a road map to assess, develop and design a Hybrid Learning Platform that will suit the needs of learners, teachers and parents.

    In the assessment of the needs of learners, teachers and parents, considerations are taken to facilitate the instructional process and bridging the technology gap that permeates throughout the Rio Hondo School District largely due to being a rural school district and lacking equitable technology access from home.

    The development of the Hybrid Learning Platform will consist of the selection of a Learning Management System that will serve has the primary platform to deliver all instructional content which will consist of lesson plans, assessments, courses, media, and collaboration.

    The design process will be done by all stakeholders which assures a standardization in the aesthetics and delivery of the courseware and content. By standardizing, the platform will remain consistent throughout the district so that student learning assimilation will be the same from grade level to level. Stakeholders in turn will be the point of contacts for their respective campuses for the support and training needed that staff will need in the transition to the Hybrid Learning Platform.  

    The Rio Hondo Independent School District Hybrid Committee has made assurance that this development will adhere and address the following:

    • Enhancing the quality of the student learning experience
    • Facilitating leading practice and innovative approaches to learning and teaching
    • Providing flexibility of provision to support a diverse student population
    • Optimizing opportunities to attract and retain students
    • Increasing competitiveness in building new student markets enabled by flexible and innovative program delivery
    • Providing cost effective learning and teaching solutions.