• Click here to Login to Parent Portal.


    If you are a new user and need to create an account please follow the steps below:

    Steps to Create User ID for New TxConnect User

    1.  Retrieve individual student portal ID from RHISD (Students’ current campus)

    2.  Click here to Login to Parent Portal.

    3.  Choose "New txConnect User?"



    4.  Create User name

    5.  Choose a password

    6.  Confirm the password

    7.  Enter valid e-mail address


    8. Choose hint question & answer if password is lost

    9. Enter Portal ID along with Students DOB

    (You may add more students in this step with individual Portal ID’s)


    10.               Click add after the above is completed

    11.               Finally, click complete



    For further assistance

     Please call us at:

    Elementary – 956-748-1050

    Middle School – 956-748-1150

    High School – 956-748-1200


    District Registrar Office:

     956-748-1019 or 956-748-1007