• Rio Hondo ISD Remote Learning 2020 - 2021

    Rio Hondo Independent School District Administration and Board of Trustees have approved the delay of in person classroom instruction in conjunction with Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño’s July 14th 2020 Mandate that requires all Cameron County School Districts to delay face to face instruction no earlier than September 8th 2020. In an effort to protect all students and staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Rio Hondo Independent School District will be providing high quality remote instruction for a minimum of three weeks for all students at the beginning of the school year. In August the District will re-evaluate the situation and make recommendations for future school openings.

    On July 7th 2020, the Texas Education Agency approved all Texas Public and Charter School District two options to deliver instruction for the 2020-2021 Academic School Year. These options are Asynchronous and Synchronous Instruction.


    Asynchronous Instruction

    Asynchronous Learning allows students to access materials, ask questions, and practice their skills at any time that works for them. Asynchronous Learning uses other tools and systems to allow the instructor and students to interact on their own schedules. These may include:

    • Recorded presentations, such as slideshows and videos
    • Email
    • Discussion boards
    • Social media groups
    • Collaborative documents in the cloud


    Synchronous Instruction

    Synchronous Learning requires attendance at scheduled meetings or lectures. While this could be in person in a traditional classroom, the term is most often applied to online courses. Synchronous Learning in an online setting including the following:

    • Scheduled quizzes and tests
    • Scheduled chat room time for students to share ideas
    • Scheduled video conferences or group phone calls
    • Live streamed lectures or demonstrations


    In an effort to successfully implement and deliver the highest quality educational experience for Rio Hondo Independent School District students, the school district will be implementing:


    • Prek-12 Learning Management System
    • Chromebook availability
    • Resources for Internet Connectivity
    • Digital Resources
    • 24/7 Support



    What is a Learning Management System?

    A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that helps teachers manage and organize educational content online and conduct either full or hybrid online courses. Learning management systems help the learning process by providing a centralized location for students to:

    • Access Courseware Materials like Textbooks and Content
    • Access Assessments
    • Collaborate with Teachers and Students
    • Daily Check-ins
    • Grade Reporting
    • Attendance


     The Learning Management System that Rio Hondo Independent School District has selected for the 2020-2021 Academic Year will be Schoology.



    Schoology is an integrated learning management system that provides course management, mobile learning, and support for school wide communication. Schoology enables students, parents and teacher to access learning materials and engage with the school community from inside the classroom and beyond. With Schoology, students can digitally submit a homework assignment, view course content, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, write academic blogs, view their graded submissions, and more. As a parent, you will be able to view your child’s activity with the platform. Student progress and activity will be monitored by faculty to ensure a safe, secure and controlled learning environment. Schoology grades and access are only for information about assignments and coursework. Students official grades will be printed and sent home during progress reports distribution days, end of the quarter (elementary), end of the semester (high school), and end of the year. What can you see in Schoology?

    • The classes your child is enrolled in.
    • The groups your child is a member of.
    • Your child’s upcoming assignments and due dates.
    • School and class announcements and course updates.
    • Calendar
    • Materials
    • Graded Schoology assignments



    Rio Hondo ISD will be providing Chromebooks for students enrolled at the district for the 2020-2021 Academic Year for those students that will be needing them. If you are wanting to purchase a device on your own for your children, we recommend at minimum a Chromebook since all course ware will be done online. Chromebooks are a cost effective alternative to Laptops and are a fraction of the cost.



    Rio Hondo Independent School District is very much aware of the lack of broadband/internet access available to households. Due to being a rural school district, there are limitations to the internet providers that can service the area. Rio Hondo Independent School District is currently working with available providers for those households that have no internet access and will be having updates soon as to what we can do assist with this lack of connectivity. Our goal has been and will always be to bridge the digital gap for our students and families.



    When will classes resume for Face to Face normal instruction?

    At the moment, due to the current Cameron County Department mandate of all Cameron County Schools cannot open for onsite instruction earlier that September 8th. Rio Hondo Independent School District and its Board of Trustees will evaluate what course of action will take place then with regards to providing the safest and highest quality educational experience for student.


    What Curriculum will be taught during Online Remote Instruction?

    The curriculum in both Remote/Online Instruction and Traditional In-Person Instruction will be the same. The curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


    Will my Child have to take part of the Texas STAAR Assessment if they are enrolled in the remote instruction?

    Yes. According to the Texas Education Agency, there is currently no plan to eliminate any standardized testing regardless of whether students participate online or in person. We will make updates as we get notifications of the options to test.


    Will my child be expected to attend remote instruction every day?

    Yes. Students in both programs online and in-person instruction are subject to compulsory attendance laws. All students enrolled in remote/online instruction must check-in and engage in learning activities in all classes daily. Students must be in attendance for at least 90 percent of the time the course is offered in order to receive credit or a final grade.


    What are the requirements for Online/Remote Instruction?

    Students will need internet access and a laptop, tablet, or similar device capable of connecting to the internet in order to access the Schoology Learning Management System and Resources.


    What if I do not have access to the technology needed for my child to participate in the online/remote instruction?

    Parents/Guardians can contact their child’s campus and sign a device use agreement for checking out a device. The Rio Hondo Independent School District is working on providing all the necessary tools for those that have access.


    My Child receives Special Education Services and Support. Will they still be able to receive these services in online/remote setting?

    Special Education instruction and related services will be provided in accordance with the ARD/IEP. Campuses and the Rio Hondo Independent School District Special Education Department will work with individual parents to ensure student needs are met.


    My Child receives bilingual education services; will they still receive these services through online/remote instruction?

    Yes. According to TAC §89.1210 (g), all students who are eligible and participate in a Bilingual or ESL program are entitled to services under the law. Additionally, each online course being created for general education students will have the instructional resources that scaffold for English language learners.


    What Counseling Services will be available for my child during online/remote instruction?

    Rio Hondo Independent School District school counselors will assist students and families with any concerns virtually. Please contact your child’s campus or Rio Hondo Independent School District Support Services Department for any additional information that you may need.


    Once regular instruction will be provided in addition to remote instruction option, can my child switch back to face to face instruction or remote instruction?

    Students can transfer from one instructional model to another at the end of the six-week grading period. Rio Hondo Independent School District can also evaluate any extenuating circumstance parents or students may have to accommodate this transition.