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Gear Up tours colleges with students.

On Thursday, April 25, 2019, 83 GEAR UP Rio Hondo Middle School students toured Texas A&M University- Kingsville and The University of Texas at San Antonio.  

A graduate of Rio Hondo High School, Ivan Rios, graciously provided the tour of UTSA.  Students toured dorm rooms, recreation halls, gyms, and bookstores.   Along with RHMS superheroes-without-capes chaperones, students ventured throughout the campuses, customizing the visit to suit variated interests. 

 Given the diversity San Antonio has to offer, our students additionally: had lunch at Big Lou’s Pizza, dinner at Fuddruckers, a visit to the Riverwalk and Alamo.

  Special thanks to the mighty A. Jalomo, O. Padilla, E. Sanchez, D. Garza, P. Trevino, M. Rutiaga, D. Padilla(parent), D. Salceda (parent), and R. Juarez (parent), for sharing the plan into fruition. Their insight, trouble-shooting, and student management ensured our mission to increase student and parent college knowledge, was accomplished.