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Algebra I students scored a 100%

The Rio Hondo Middle School 8th grade Algebra I students received a 100% on all 3 performance ratings on the STAAR.  The students received a 100% on the Approaches and Meets Grade Level performance standards.  Students also received a 100% on Masters Grade Level.  The students were excited when they heard the news.  Their teacher Mrs. San Juanita Rodriguez was very proud of her students.  She said, "My students hard work and determination paid off for them as they did very well on the STAAR Test.  I continued to challenge them all year and they stepped up to the plate.  I am very excited and proud of them!"  Mr. Moreno also praised the students as he told them about the news.  Mr. Moreno said, "He was very proud of them and very excited for them and Mrs. Rodriguez."  Great job students and Mrs. Rodriguez!