Bobcat Powerlifting

The boys team finished in 5th place and the girls finished in 4th place. 

Placing:  2nd Place Lionel Sanchez, 5th place Gavin Perez, 2nd place Jose Barrientos, 3rd place Efrain Gutierrez, 5th place Ruben Rodriguez, 1st place Scott Atkinson, 1st place Miguel Chavarria, 2nd place Juan Villegas, 3rd place Nikaeyla de la Rosa, 3rd place Kylee Torres, 5th place Alexis Farias, 4th place Rhianna Villarreal, 1st place Frei Pizarro, 1st place Jasmine Delgado

 9-up award:  Scott Atkinson

 Notables: 8th place Scott Payne, 6th place Karina Valdez

 Congrats and we are very proud of your efforts.