Bobcat Powerlifting

The Bobcats had a great outing as the boys and girls team battled it out placing among the top 2 teams in both divisions. The girls finished as a team finished in 2nd place and the boys were crowned Champions with a 1st place finish. 

Placing for the girls:

Joelysa Garcia 2nd, Nikaeyla de la Rosa 4th, Celeste Lozano 6th, Kylee Torres 3rd, Serena Quinones 2nd, Starlynn Garza 5th, Jolene Salazar 6th, Micah Ela Hernandez 9th, Alexis Farias 11th, Frei Pizarro 2nd, Randi Garcia 4th, Emily Martinez 2nd, Nicole Herrera 4th, Jazmine Delgado 2nd

Placing for the boys:

Lionel Sanchez 5th, Christian Lozano 3rd, Isaac Ortega 1st, Gavin Perez 2nd, Jose Barrientos 2nd, Efrain Gutierrez 6th, Joshua Laster 3rd, Manuel Ramirez 4th, Scott Atkinson 1st, Ruben Perez 3rd, Juan Villegas 3rd

9up award goes to Tony Barrientos and Lionel Sanchez

Big shout out goes out to Mr. R, Coach Rocky James, Mrs. Chavez, Coach Serna, Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Gomez and all the helpers that helped make this meet a special one for our seniors.  Without you guys this meet would not have been a great success.